Swing for Ableton Live (max for live)

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Are you tired of spending time setting up Ableton Live's groove pool only to add a little swing to your clips? This device helps you out!

My Max for Live device is here to help you get stuff done quickly and easily. With my device, you can add swing to your clips with just a click. My device is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you can focus on making music instead of getting bogged down in technical details.

Ableton Live's groove pool is awesome. Don't get me wrong! But just a little swing knob makes life so much easier.

My device works in both the Session view and Arrangement view of Ableton Live. You can choose to apply swing to just the selected clip, to all clips of the selected track, or to all clips. Depending on which view is active, swing is applied to your session clips or to your arrangement clips.

And it works both on midi as well as on audio clips!

The Swing knob act like the MPC swing knob. So 50% is no swing and 66% is perfect triplet swing. And anywhere in between lies your sweet spot. It goes up to about 75% but you can't really call that swing anymore :D

You can place this device on any track (my preference would be to place it on the master track). Key map or midi map the Swing button(s) and get it swung!

Get my Max for Live device today and start making great music!

By the way, I'm not in the game to make a profit. I'm just an Ableton Live enthusiast who wants to help other musicians make great music. That's why I'm only charging a small amount of money for my device. I'm using the money to buy the latest Ableton Live upgrade, so I can continue to make music. I hope you'll support me in my quest to get the upgrade.

Quick start:

- add Swing device to a track (any track, but I prefer the master track)
- set the percentage to about 60%
- make sure "quantize to" is set to 16th
- make sure amount set to 100%
- add an empty midi clip to a midi track
- add sixteenth notes right next to each other in a 16th grid (so 4 sixteenth in one count)
- click the "swing all clips" button.

If you check the sixteenth notes that you've just created you should see that every second sixteenth note is shifted a bit to the right. That's what creates the swing feel!

I want this!

Max for Live device that allows you to add swing to your clips!

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Swing for Ableton Live (max for live)

5 ratings
I want this!